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I love politics & I am a bit of a history buff. I have a weakness for romance & that includes erotic smut! I'm a serious reviewer, but I can read almost anything. A new genre or a deft writer can make a story sing.

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Highland Rake (Highlander Medieval, #3) - Terry Spear 3.5 stars; 1/2 star for narrator, Borah Coburn

I almost got a headache from the intricate conspiracy concocted in this one. Luckily, with the help of ghosts, set-ups, unknown protectants and chance meetings, the culprits are discovered and the main couple get their HEA.

As I listened to the audio book, they appeared in my mind in bold Pixar color. This is interesting because I found myself vacillating between a great animated adventure(maybe because I'd just watch Brave) and a semi-steamy historical romance. The adventure came from the pop-in & pop-out friendly ghosts that can only be seen by the heroine (we think). What's more, is that the ghosts' backstories made me care about them. This is headed up by the action in the form of battles and highlander warrior antics. With the battle prowess of the hero and great secondary characters from his clan as well as the heroine's, some banter and PoVs were appreciated, not to mention a couple of cute &sexy scenes of nakedness & agreements about morning nookie.

The main couple, Dougald and Alana, are fun and fluffy (you just want to hug them). Dougald, man thought to be a playboy but very able to hold his own, is a brother of the MacNeill clan who marries for duty and potential power of united clans. He is a likabe fellow, strong and beautifully beta, yet his character goes no deeper than his love and acceptance of his eccentric bride, whom he would not have accepted months before if it had not been for his brothers' previous marriages to eccentric brides as well.
Alana:"Do you see ghosts?"
a lad:"Nay,'tis bad enough I see the living."
On the other hand, Alana is a character that I was able to get a little more involved in. She has a ethereal aura that she never relinquishes, which embodies her charm, I think. It happens from the suspenseful introduction of her as a nine year old who narrowly escapes death & tragedy to her transformation into a woman who is a healer and followed by ghosts. She's rumored to be a "Fae" Scottish lass, and that quality as well as her bravery endears her to the men and woman around her. Contrarily, Alana's attributes also invite the wrong sort of attention.

In all, I liked this paranormal historical highland romance. It was sugary-sweet. And with exception to the long-winded conversations among gruff highlanders using their deductive reasoning AND the confusion of too many character names being dropped and littered about (one character being called the wrong name, but great names nonetheless(snickers), I rather like the writer's technique. SO, I will try another one of the stories in this series[I started with book#3, which means I will go back one to read about Dougald's brother, James].

Warning: crazy conversations that make dialogue a little hard to follow and very drawn out suspense (not to mention the ghosts) in this story could be a turn-off to some readers.