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I love politics & I am a bit of a history buff. I have a weakness for romance & that includes erotic smut! I'm a serious reviewer, but I can read almost anything. A new genre or a deft writer can make a story sing.

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Roane (Circe's Recruits, #1) - Marie Harte Found this series on-the-fly. Of all, Roane is definitely my cup of tea. I found him to be a great alpha, found his HEA okay and his relationship with his team, his Circs,....hmmm well..very hedonistic. The sex was not only lusty but very much about domination and submission. Overall, the plot is a little varied from the Dr. Moreau-like (mad scientist/super soldier hybrid human) strand. In response to what someone said about lycanthropy and shapeshifter mythology...I agree, Harte's Circs are more like sci-fi, incredibly hulk-ish. I have read the whole series so far and probably will continue to do so with the hope that the whole Circe mystery is unveiled.