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I love politics & I am a bit of a history buff. I have a weakness for romance & that includes erotic smut! I'm a serious reviewer, but I can read almost anything. A new genre or a deft writer can make a story sing.

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In this short read, I had to set aside two very small peeves: time and sucking. The hero had three facial piercing and it was described that he enjoyed the heroine nibbling and sucking on piercings of said areas. I have a piercing and I understand, I DO. LoL, but piercings need to be kept clean and are vulnerable; therefore, immediate access with unknown mouth is a little icky, but I did get over it, and it leads to safe sex(which is incredibly gratifying), so double kudos!LMAO
Also, time. Because I am anal, I kept tracking how much time they were in the elevator (guesstimate=4-5 hours), and thinking if it had been me and I was stuck, I wouldn’t’ve acquiesced to inevitability of waiting until the Calvary arrived as these two did. I’d have banged and yelled at least twice…LOL (I admire that they kept their cool more or less (claustrophobia or no).

So my peeves didn’t detract from loving the premise of the story and the two characters struck by cupid, blindly! Wow, elevator scenarios are in my fantasies file, and this story satisfied some craving. Not to mention, this author hit gold with her characterization of both the hero and the heroine. 130pgs were jam-packed with poignant backgrounds and descriptions of family members that made it realistic as to why these two would fall for each other. When the heroine's heart goes protective and falls for Caden, I was right there with her(but I think I might've fallen well b4 she did!).
And, I absolutely adored the moment the lights go on. The trepidation and nerves that jangled and teetered were vividly portrayed and made the characters' feelings almost tangible.

I didn’t want it to end, but when it did, I had a smile.
**side-note: 3rd person POV switches back and forth between Caden and Makenna, within paragraphs, not chapters, so it's a unique spin, but you get it.