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Fantastical (Fantasyland, #3) - Kristen Ashley Oh Boy. Did I say I was reared on the real fairy-tales? Not Disney. I mean like the real Cinderella, the one where one of the evil stepsisters gets her eyes plucked out by a crow. Or all the other dark folky tales of Grimm and oral story-telling from across cultures like Native Americans and Irish Lore.

Let me tell ya, fairytales can get downright scary and mean. So in reading this Fantasyland series, I seriously get to enjoy the dark fairytale, KA style.

You get a she-bitch goddess, who is pissed off and enacts a curse on humans, who are royals, and you already got a foreboding. Mix in magic that switches one normal girl from the real world with a fairytale lady who looks exactly like normal girl and is about to marry a prince, and you got a snarky, warm and modern girl who is suddenly thrust in a world of hierarchy, witches, goddesses, magic and one seriously fine warrior prince husband. What could go wrong?

Nothing. Other than the hand of destiny, the hand of evil, haters swarming all around you (seeking to end you) and being pulled between two worlds. Oh and don't forget that you aren't the first normal to jump worlds. Two known "others" have preceded you. Coincidence? No such. It just means something ginormous is underway. Prepare.

Fantasical was my absolute fave so far in this series. Written with more flow, the story tied up some loose ends from the two previous books, nicely juxtaposed the two worlds and their differences using the awesome connection between hero and heroine, Tor and Cora.
And, it still managed a kickass epilogue starring strong secondary characters Noc and Apollo (two more alphas that I'm sure will continue this series). Also, with the emergence of Valentine and Lavinia as good magic versus the revealed evil opposition, consisting of human nobles, evil witches and the she-goddess Minerva, we know heads are about to roll.

Read this if you are a fan of fantasy and you like how KA makes awesome characters.