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Tucker's Claim - Sarah McCarty As mentioned before, stories of the West grab by attention, if they "...lend credence to the Gold Rush, railroad expansion and lawlessness, while also displaying a melting pot, very unlike the cities the the Midwest and the East, but no less significant".

“Hell's Eight” saga continues with Tucker's story. Tucker is of mixed ethnicity and he finds love with Sally Mae, a Quaker and a widow. This proves an interesting mix, because they represent strange opposites, and Sally Mae has a little uniqueness and she was forthright, in the way she looked at things, which I appreciated and got annoyed with as well. Tucker is a mean and serious alpha who also has a huge soft side, which is exhibited in his care for dogs, children, and his brother. More is his effort to avoid violence for Sally Mae.

This was an okay read that was made slightly better by the inclusion of Hell's Eight characters.Though I'd admit that I would probably have taken in Tucker's story more readily if he had been farther down in the line up. I was honestly hoping for Tracker's story sooner (which is #4 in the series), as he is the one who finds Desi's long lost twin sister.

Again, the writing is a little choppy in this one as it was in the first, and I did want the hero and the heroine to quit beating around the bush and just be together earlier on in the plot. The emotions of the characters aren't as infectious as in the second book or as bittersweet as in the first.