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Been on a Sarah McCarty kick lately and as "promising" as the first book in this series was, this book (#2) is annoyingly promising.

Again we have a damsel in distress. Like Desi, another McCarty heroine, inCaine's Reckoning, Mara Kincaid falls into the only other profession for women in the west, besides wife, which means she finds herself drugged and helpless in a whorehouse.

Thank goodness her soon-to-be alpha protector and husband, Cougar(apt name) ends up being her first customer,an interesting fact that she never knows that until later, after he's won her, and I, the reader, think "How clueless could Mara Kincaid, of the Kincaids who don't give up, be?"

Yet, you gotta love Mara's spunk as the story goes on. She is a scrap of a girl, but her determination shines so that you pity that she is so beholden to Cougar. What's more, here we have another McCarty alpha who possessively adores his woman.

I enjoyed this story. This author has some sizzle in her erotic scenes, which sometimes run as too similar from book-to-book, but for some reason the familiarity can evoke and odd sense of anticipation.

The one thing that could strengthen these characters is a better back-story. Cougar has one that is given some notice. He is adopted and has some darkness to him because of being on his own and experiencing rejection. Mara: well the only thing we get is a vague sense that she was near respectable and after the whorehouse ordeal, that is helped by her own father, she is given the respect of Cougar's last name. However, none have forgotten her fall from innocence. Moreover, more insight about her is needed.

This author is promising, but more fluidity in plot and rounding out of her characters would add to her great setting and plot. Add that and I'd be giving these stories 4 stars.