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Until the Sun Falls from the Sky  - Kristen Ashley 1 1/2 stars
Here is 85% of this story:
1. Mortal concubine meets Big Bad Master Vampire and refuses him
2. Master Vampire both trumps concubine’s refusal and challenges existing vampire law
3. couple and sex, sex and couple, w/a few intrusions by meddling family members and green-eyed monsters

So, after trudging through that (seriously the longest I’ve ever taken to read a (KA) book in a while(LOL), finally the story lends purpose when the Master Vampire seeks to set precedence for all vampires alike, whether anyone likes it or not, but he unknowingly becomes the pebble that dropped into the ocean and set up a threatening tsunami (Again, I say only a threat of one). In the last 15% of the story, the reader is treated to the how and why.
The “secret” is revealed, which leads to The Prophesies, which lead to war (Wait, wasn't war coming anyway? Can we say “tedious”?). Seriously, if this had been hinted at or focused on in the beginning or given a cool history in the form of a flashback (again, beforehand!), then it might have held more impact. Instead, it was just dropped awkwardly in the story as though a last attempt to breathe life into it, sans proper development. Moreover, this big secret, along with The Prophesies, is nerve-wrecking b/c the characters discuss it to death without the reader getting any evidence of its fruition! Frustratingly, there ends the story, with a “sort of” promise that, in the next story of the series, things will come to pass(just plain mean).

Other concepts/vampire terms underdeveloped and just dropped upon the reader:
1. The title (Until the Sun Falls from the Sky). I will assume is a part of a mating chant, due to the Master Vampire saying it incessantly in his head, over and over, and then finally to his lover. Ugh!
2. The Council, The Dominion. Maybe one in the same, but how is the reader to know? Never got who the hell made up The Council.
3. Noble War. ????, Whatever!
4. The Sentence versus Sentence. The Sentence: sometime ago when war happened and vamps died (maybe mortals too). Sentence: death for leaving your mate or vamp lover.
5. Ancient Claiming Ceremony. Like a vampire marriage, and it was explained for the union of mortal and vampire only. I don’t know how, why, it needed to happen again. Maybe for mates it is different? IDK (rolls eyes)
I could go on. There needs to be a glossary, ya think? LOL

This SO wanted to be a good vamp story.

1 1/2 stars ( the 1/2 star is hope that KA's continuation of this series gets loads better!)