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Master of the Mountain - Cherise Sinclair 3.5 stars
Master of the Mountain sounds ...ominous. Yet, this Master, Logan Hunt, rather apropos, wasn't too dark, too overbearing or excessively Dominant. Instead, he stealthily wrapped "lush", round-bellied, deceptively submissive Rebecca into his care, which meant he earned her trust, gave her steady praise and loved her just the way she is, scars, phobias, inhibitions and all.

THANK GOODNESS FOR THAT! Because Rebecca sure needed it. Upon meeting Rebecca, girlfriend was faking orgasms and thinking she was actually lucky enough to settle for a juvenile pip-squeak of a man who had to ask her how he could get her off. He even has the nerve to lay down an ultimatum that basically said "try swinging with me and 30 other people or we can't be together anymore." WTF?

Well, as others have commented, it all worked out in the end for Rebecca. Her Logan showed her that fulfilling all the requirements on her Perfect Man list doesn't guarantee a perfect man. She realizes she didn't quite know herself or what would satisfy her to begin with, so she does some re-negotiation.

This was a quick read and it flowed on through. There are hints of character development with a few exchanges between Logan and his brother, and further, with the short, but poignant confessions of the past that Logan gets Rebecca share. Despite all that, I needed to feel more from the characters because those hints only frustrated and teased, but then seemed contrived because they fell short. I felt with much more development, Logan, Jake and Rebecca could have packed a punch.

I would have liked to see Rebecca and Logan actually live together more than a four-day sex-ploration of D/s. That is, more of their chemistry and Rebecca's switch from city girl to "Mistress of the Mountain" could have been explored. LOL!

Finally, I would have liked the ending more,...minus the cheesy public affirmation Logan gives to convince Rebecca that,yes, she is desirable. And he spoils that by saying to Rebecca “Come back with me to the mountain, Becca. Be our cook and paint during the summers, and in the winters we'll go wherever you want to vacation.... And be my sub.” That was lackluster.

However, the intimate scenes were steamy and the BDSM was light and adequate.