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Raging Love (Mitchell Family, #3) - Jennifer Foor 3.5 stars[rating for series books 1 and 3]
This series alternates PoV of two couples' lives, the author taking turns with each of their continuing stories, from bk 1 to 4 (from love to marriage to kids and some obstacles in between).

Of the couples, I definitely feel that Colt and Savannah (of bk 1 and 3(this book) are the better couple to read, due to both characters being given more dimensions and motivation. That said, the other couple, Ty and Miranda, are given more depth in this book, as the less responsible, supporting characters, than the depth they were given in their own book (#2), IMO, but they're still pretty one dimensional as they were before. On a whole, the author seems to be fighting the issue of balance between developing character and building conflicts.

Along the lines of conflicts, Savannah's character seems to be the one who is the most affected by them, whether through conscience, mental stress or physical pain, so she comes off as a more tangible character, more real (even in Ty and Miranda's book). Colt follows a close second, and the love he shares with Savannah is a delightful thing to behold. Colt is swoon-worthy.

Yet characters' thoughts get long-winded and repetitive. Then some major conflict sweeps in-- giving the characters a chance to be seen in different aspect--giving the plot some much needed action. However, the major action, or biggest outside antagonist, doesn't live up to expectation because it doesn't get solved, and internal conflict doesn't get satisfying clarity when it is addressed. It seems the author's concern is about tying it all up in a neat bow or it is that she isn't concerned with it much at all.

The books puts the characters in a hodgepodge sequence of events that can get frustrating. Despite this, the theme of family and love, seasoned with some steamy love-making( and a bit of raunchiness), help make the reading somewhat enjoyable. This author's potential and her story-telling talent are definitely as evident as the need for editing in her books.

The Mitchell family saga has it own unique flavor [even though I can't help but compare it to being like a generic KA story, minus the good dialogue and alpha male titillation].

I may be curious enough to continue the series.