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Lady Luck (Colorado Mountain, #3) - Kristen Ashley I have been so used to white male alpha heroes and IR(BW/WM) love stories that I almost forget the nuances and attitudes of black men and why I love them so much. Ty Walker may be half-black but his story is all about him being a black man and "smelling" when people around him don't like black. I thought KA's portrayal of this character was as close as she could get and it was enough to remind me of black men in my life.

Some of the story is told from Ty's point of view and you get that he may be a little rough around the edges (referring to women as the "p" word or sexing his woman like a Nubian warrior with no finesse of sweet talk or Casanova caresses, just deep claiming and soul possession). However, this character grows on you in the way he thinks and his will to lead a good, clean life.

Lexie, the heroine of this piece, has a docile side to her nature that makes her different than some of the other KA heroines. This I think is true to form and balances out because she is with a man like Ty. Docile Lexie guards her man's heart and pride well and fights fiercely for him. And she can dish out sass like the rest of them.

3 and 1/2-4 stars (again once you get over the editing, but hey...I've learned to leave out my expectation of the formal when reading Ashley's unique stories.

Ty hits #3 or #4(I sometimes forget any after #1 and 2(Tate and Tack) of my faves of KA's extreme alpha heroes.