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I love politics & I am a bit of a history buff. I have a weakness for romance & that includes erotic smut! I'm a serious reviewer, but I can read almost anything. A new genre or a deft writer can make a story sing.

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Breathe (Colorado Mountain, #4) - Kristen Ashley 4.5 stars
LOL, OMG this couple is so cute and sweet that I just felt “new” with every moment of reading them. I couldn’t decide which I liked better, Chace’s POV(esp. from the mid-to-the ending of the book) or Faye’s POV. From Chace, I got the impression of an eclipse, darkness with a halo of light, the light strong and struggling to win (and it does). With Faye, I got to live the dream of first love, but one with maturity, fearlessness and charisma. Seriously, I fell in love with Faye faster than I did Chase, but the settling of Chase's heart with Faye was breath-gulping.

This is a first, as I tend to like the heroes more, coz I am a bit harder on the heroine, but this proved difficult to do with Faye, aka Crimson Stargazer, aka Inara000, aka geek! So, I ended up loving the hero and heroine equally.

So the plot goes, Chace is the reluctant one and Faye starts the chase, but then Chace takes the lead. Yet, when Chace is about to fuck up, Quietly Fearless and surprisingly sensible Faye, won’t let him! She is an all or nothing girl and she lays it out for him (as he points out to her ...“when you’re way pissed, you lay off the geek references so you make way too much fuckin’ sense”).

So fortunately, when this couple got together(starting with morning stakeouts), they stayed together (the whole book!) without the heroine running away or the hero ducking out for the heroine’s own good, and all that nonsense. “Frakkin’” great!

Another aspect that rooted these two together like glue was their shared concern over a homeless boy called Malachi. It was endearing, the way they embraced responsibility to quell the atrocity they find linked to this kid, and it is nothing short of awe-inspiring. This adds that recurring, poignant technique that I personally crave from Ashley’s story-telling and character building.

Ten things I like about Faye:
1. her love of books
2. she's a dreamer
3. she loves her family
4. she takes care of Malachi
5. she is Quiet Fearless(the nickname name describes her in a nutshell)
6. her Sci-fi show addiction, especially with Firefly
7. her screen name is Inara000 and her hippie name is Crimson Stargazer
8. her ultimate belief in Chace (she held out for a hero),
9. she says wacky-cool expressions like “frak”, “take that to the bank”, “dither” and geek references [T-65 X-wing Starfighter!]
10.she has almost zero TSTL moments( w/ a sliver of exception to “The Elite” online crime-busting collaboration)

Ten things I love about Chace:
1. his nicknames “Lapis Bravery” and “Aslan”
2. his sexyand loving expressions like “Give me that mouth” and “breathe”
3. how he grows throughout the story and reveals his capacity for forgiveness
4. his friendship with Deck
5. how he protects Ty and Lexie, and essentially his seriousness about protecting the town (Aslan)
6. his careful seduction of Faye, how he takes care of her and sleeps while she reads
7. he dances and he cries during a rite of passage with his boy (thus he isn’t too macho to show manly affection)
8. his being touched by an angel
9. he makes sacrifices for family and duty, but ultimately stands up for what he believes in
10. he’s a golden boy, who can get down and dirty, and very ruthless

One of my favorite quotes which made me laugh aloud and sums up the cute banter between Chace and Faye.

“Should the unfortunate event occur that I’m in a full body cast and unable to move for
months, there’s no sports on TV and I’ve rewatched reruns of Friday Night Lights so often, I
can quote them, you have permission to introduce me to Admiral fuckin’ Adama.”

[bc:The Gamble|11227041|The Gamble (Colorado Mountain, #1)|Kristen Ashley|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1327890208s/11227041.jpg|16152936][bc:Sweet Dreams|11227040|Sweet Dreams (Colorado Mountain, #2)|Kristen Ashley|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1327912890s/11227040.jpg|16152935][bc:Lady Luck|12958487|Lady Luck (Colorado Mountain, #3)|Kristen Ashley|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1327912930s/12958487.jpg|18115826][bc:Breathe|15742039|Breathe (Colorado Mountain, #4)|Kristen Ashley|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1341841655s/15742039.jpg|21429192]
THIS IS A HECK OF A SERIES! PLEASE READ IT. I don't want it to end. Loved the cameo of Ren and Ally, and I frakkin' want Deck to have his own story!