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Knight (Unfinished Hero, #1) - Kristen Ashley Okay, four things I will discuss: the word fuck; the word daddy; choice; and conflict.
I will start with-conflict.
To my mind, Knight was a badass not because he did anything overtly, like chase other bad guys or challenge other mobsters, etc. His badass-ness was displayed mostly in taboo or unsavory deeds and characteristics. The way he built his little empire could call morals into question. His code for revenge could also. More, his idea for control-in the bedroom and over his woman, period (owning her)-seems, well, sort of BDSM, but more like “daddy” issues, maybe some mommy issues as well LOL.
However, everything seemed to have come too coolly, and rectified too easily for Knight. I expected conflict in the form of his brother or his ex-partner. I expected conflict from what I thought was a foreshadowing in the dreams. I didn’t get it. So, mulling it over, I will say I was a little disappointed. This is of course half overshadowed or compensated by the metaphor of “Knight”, which I thought was a poignant addition to his characterization.
Anya was dealt a lot of choices and in the end I felt she always came back to what made her feel “safe, spoiled and adored”. Yeah so if she were a real person, I wouldn’t blame her.LOL. But all that comes with a price in my mind. Knight mentions to Anya how she “buries her head” in the face of the “unclean” his world has to offer. Then he tells her “heads up” when she needs to negotiate what she is willing to tolerate, meaning...if she can’t, then “bye, bye”. Her best friend, Viv, tells her to “hold on and ride it through” (something Viv does herself and it is mentioned that she is from the hood , so she understands the unclean world; therefore is alright with it? (Hum, IDK if I liked that). BUT, this aspect of the story represents a very realistic choice women have to make, sometimes. Can you ignore the asshole-ism, the fact that your man is not legit by society standards, and the vicinity of violence to your life for a nice crib, money,and being spoiled and adored by your lover?
The word “Daddy”
(This had me throatily laughing and then rolling my eyes the rest of the book) I understand the use of Daddy in the bedroom. It’s naughty and has connotations that could be shocking or sick. Still, it works…just like “Papi” works! LMAO For Knight and Anya, it was their thing; though, I would think if a child came into the picture, the word “daddy” would have to be used with caution.
The word “Fuck”
Bottom line, Knight used it in the place of too many parts of speech and it belied his supposed suaveness and Bach appreciation. LOL. Sometimes, there were so many fucks in one sentence that I had to decode; this, added to the sentence construction that is normally a point of grammatical deviation, made some exposition rougher than normal.
So after the analysis,
I will say I liked Viv(my kind of girl, though she shouldn’t have limited herself to “her own kind”, IDK what that was).
I liked the story’s heroine, Anya (though a little too submissive IMO, but she had ambition and was down to earth).
AND, I liked Knight, for his chivalry and his devotion to women in his life. He doesn’t surpass TATE or HAWK, but he gets a helluva mention.
So I guess I just Liked...LOL