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I love politics & I am a bit of a history buff. I have a weakness for romance & that includes erotic smut! I'm a serious reviewer, but I can read almost anything. A new genre or a deft writer can make a story sing.

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Girl you really got me bad
You really got me bad
And now I'm gonna get you back
I'm gonna get you back

"Misery", Maroon 5, Hands All Over

So when Rush Finlay, resident hot-tempered, rich son of a rock star is first confronted with Blaire, homeless, blonde bombshell 'Bama girl-in-distress, he reacts like a dick.

What does he do?

He puts her up in the broom closet, under the stairs, where she uses the bare minimum essentials to live, gets picked on by mean girls, and experiences her first ball as a waitress, serving not only her hot landlord, but all his spoiled rich family and friends. Yep, this Cinderella is a server. She's the help, even has to wear a golf club version of a Hooters outfit so rich men can have eye candy. Oh, and the only time she wears her ball gown and shoes, she has to take the insult of someone calling them cheap! [Oh hells NO!]

Does her landlord/potential-love-of-her-life rectify her situation? Even after he establishes that he wants her, needs her?

Uh...that's a big fat resounding....NO! Not bloody fast enough, to my mind.
Your salty skin and how it mixes in with mine
The way it feels to be completely intertwined
Not that I didn't care, it's that I didn't know
It's not what I didn't feel, it's what I didn't show

So let me be, and I'll set you free

Misery, Maroon 5, Hands All Over

He just screws the pooch and drops the ball. Recklessly, Blaire loves him anyway because secretly, as the reader, you just know she's harboring the belief that he is worthy. After all, he is some warped version of a Prince, isn't he?

So why the 4 stars? The irony, the allusion, and...
the heroine: Blaire
Thick skin, Soft touch,
Heart of gold but it's na-na-na-not enough,
Forgiving arms, The higher road,
Working hard but it's na-na-na-not enough,
You say, I'm not good enough, I'm not good enough
But what you really mean is, You're not good enough, you're not good enough
You can't deliver so you turn it around

"You Love Me", Kelly Clarkson, Stronger

There is more to Cinderella than meets the eye. I mean, she is an excellent shot, and she has a kind of straight-forward way about her. She wears a thin layer of steel under her skin. What's more is that the rather dramatic turn her life takes is like an All My Children marathon and Brat Pack movie rolled into one.

This time, the heroine eclipses the hero(and believe me!-this was an alpha male as equal in beauty as promiscuity(of which, there's lots!), and I really hope the author pays attention to fleshing out Blaire's motivations and dimensions in the next book.

So, despite predictability, some weird rejoinders in direct speech, and seriously missed opportunities for poignancy, the story just grabbed me. Plus the hot tea kettle scene where Blaire puts-IT-on-him helped a bit...[dancing the cabbage patch-"Go Blaire, Go Blaire"]

A Playlist for Blaire and Rush:
Misery, Maroon 5
You love me, Kelly Clarkson
Can't be love, Laura Izibor
Dive, Usher
The Real Life, 3 Doors Down
Little Lover's So Polite, Silversun Pickups
On Call, Kings of Leon
Fumbling Toward Ecstasy, Sarah McLachlan
Madness, Muse