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Dancing on Coals - Ellen O'Connell Though other books, RL and my habit for serial reading got in the way, this book, recommended by Jill, decidedly quenched my thirst for western romance and drama, for the time being.

Dancing on Coals is an appropriate title. I was prepared for the harshness of the Western frontier; therefore, the hardness of the hero wasn't a surprise. I was not prepared for a heroine as durable and fearless as Katherine Grant. She braved some dangerous situations and certainly put her foot in the fire, so to speak.

The reader gets alternating points of view that switches from heroine to hero from time to time, which depicted the way the "hard promises" they exchanged evoked steely resolve and faith in their love for one another. Their love was a like a hardy flower that bloomed amongst volcanic rock (hard and almost impossible times)

Ellen O'Connell does her homework on Apache civilization and Post Civil War occupation of the West, so this story has plausible conflict which potentially divides the couple while also setting a foreboding mood for the book's suspense.

The romance is a tangible thing that is emphasized by deeds and character motivation rather than sex scenes, though the intimate times between the heroine and her hero are hot.

The story was a well-balanced mix and well written.

More to review later