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...and Elves, apparently

Sometimes, when I am rating books in the series, I am not rating each book as stand alone. I am thinking of it as a part of a whole, while also looking at the characterization, plot and romance.

In the fairy tale aspect, I really, really like the concept of Frey. He came from a formidable line of royalty, gifted with the divine blessing of the Elves and dragons. It was cool, the short mythos of it. Yet, Frey didn't win me. He is not the king, but annoyingly, he kept threatening to "check" the existing king or take over and have complete dominion(sort of like Aragorn in LOTR, and...not).

Yet, I felt like all Frey could do IS call the dragons (which was half cool when it finally happens, but said dragons weren't expounded upon (bummer). Further, Frey didn't display much more care for his land or people, which I thought would suffice his having a leg-in with the Elves (I needed MORE from the Elves, too!). Though he admittedly didn't want control, his character motivation felt anti-climactic(?) at times. [Given the anticipation of "big" and "badass" and it didn't come to pass]

Seoafin "Finnie", was a damned nut. She was recklessly adventurous and a bit scrappy(when she had to be). Yet she did do some TSTL things. Conversations with her hit upon irritating, at times, and she was a bit slow on the uptake where her man was concerned.

A standout character in this one would be Valentine, while a "needs explanation" character would be the original Princess Sjofn.

It was an um...okay start to a series whose third book was one of my favorites:)