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With Everything I Am - Kristen Ashley Update July 2013: On my quest to up some of my lower rated reviews of KA books(because she's awesome), I've chosen the wolf story to graduate to 2.75 3 Stars It's still better than most out there...so

I was curious and I like werewolves, but...

I will try to keep this short. The reason for my rating isn't dislike of the characters. Ryon(secondary character) was awesome! Callum and Sonia(MCs) were alright. I had warm, fuzzy moments with this couple. At times, I felt the love; really, I did.

My hang-ups lie with other things, such as recurring motifs and/or elements:

*Sonia has her "girls"[Wait, why were they needed, other than to drool over Callum?],

*but Sonia's life is colorless or
"white" before meeting Cal(hmmm..this is so familiar)

*Wait, stop the presses! Callum has the nickname Cal (Joe's name! [b:At Peace|11665750|At Peace (The 'Burg, #2)|Kristen Ashley|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1327913073s/11665750.jpg|16610933])

*Callum wants Sonia to use endearments with him like she does everyone else (ENOUGH already-Tack wanted this, Max wanted this, even Dax Lahn wanted this). I get it, I do, really, but couldn't Callum be...different?

*I'm pretty sure Sonia went "flying" or was thrown at least once [though, Callum did mix it up with "over the shoulder" LOL]

*The dialogue? Yeah, a couple of "Sorry?'s", some "You like it?-- You like it." Answering a question with its duplicate statement.)

*Also, I SO figured out, and had glaring suspicions early on, the secret of Sonia's illness--leading to what would happen toward the end, especially when Callum took note of how his baby doll "liked it"(LOL), but it still was a good twist, so not so much of a hang-up:)

AND well, I surmise that I pretty well got some of Ashley's signature elements down pat,and though great, the repeating elements were not appreciated in this read.

Also, there is still the matter of this vamp/Were/hybrid world being seriously underdeveloped. What brutal calls did Callum actually make in the "fight" and how is this final, hybrid-human pair an exact catalyst to full-on war? The Prophesies are epic, but still, unnecessarily obscure, and it seems they're able to be manipulated (by Gregor, et. al.) as well.

Yet, what exactly are the prophesies, again, other than some big war and the union of three couples? Each share visions that so far only deal with past events and some immediate future, that has nothing to do with the war, enemies, saving humans or the important changes that will happen in this supernatural world. Nothing gets solved, save Sonia's illness, or makes a lot of sense. There's just not enough to make a paranormal plot that is engrossing or that makes me hang on to the suspense of it all.

For the record, I did think that KA would do a better wolf than vampire, so...in that at least I can say I appreciated Callum (cough) and RYON! way more than Lucien.