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Games of the Heart - Kristen Ashley 4 stars-- Update! I had to move my rating up an inch. LOL

No lie, bought this book only on the strength that it was in the ‘Burg series and I LUV THE ‘Burg series almost as much as the Colorado series, BUT I also bought and read this one with a bit of a negative bias going in. You see, Mike had lost brownie pts with me and I would say pts against his alpha membership for poaching on Joe’s territory and going there with Vi.(I know Joe F’ed up, but…)Mike knew Joe was all-ova that and still. Now, con permiso, Vi lost some sista-hood pts as well, but this here is about Mike Haines.

That said, I was a bit put off at Mike’s sourness towards the whole ordeal and his launch into asshole-hood with Dusty in the beginning chapters (to the likes of Joe-talk about pot and kettle, Yeesh).

And yet, Mike redeemed himself. In his love for his daughter, raising his son to be alpha (smile), adapting to extended family and more, topped with his adoration of Dusty, I couldn’t hold a grudge against Mike for too long. Plus, he was savvy enough to recognize the glory that was Finley Holliday (Fin). LOL

Anywhoo, on Dusty, she was a great character. Her clothes, her art, her Texan friends, her live-as-I-see-fit/no games personality, and her loyalty to family were all awesome to read, not to mention her lifelong adoration of Mike (who definitely, at times, did NOT deserve it)LOL. She was a straight-shooter and I could identify with her.

Now for the show-stealer(drum roll), and that would be the scarily serious and delicious, young love between Clarisse (Mike’s beautiful daughter-barely 15yrs old) and Fin (Dusty’s 17-going on 35yr old, sex-savvy alpha nephew). KA writes this romance so beautifully (even in the epilogue) that you forget Mike and Dusty at times and wallow in the wonder of young minds that can be so sure and so ready for a love of a lifetime. First time I crushed on a 17yr old romantic hero since Edward! LOL

Except for the older sister/aunt/ex-girlfriend (all one person), I was unsure as to why other antagonists were given time, and I was more questioning of the need for what happened to one of the main characters toward the end, since it wasn’t connected to the villain who was attached to the sister. This outside conflict interrupted the flow of the plot and could have been woven in to make more sense.
I think the only weakness is the addition of undeveloped suspense and villains who’re outside of family. This book was aptly named Games of the Heart. The family drama and mistakes made by the men in the relationships(Thanks KA!) mirror this.

Bring On No's Story!!! (Gosh KA fans are so demanding)