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Gentle Rogue (Malory Novels) - Johanna Lindsey Character enjoyment-4 stars
Overall plot-3 stars

This installment of the Malory collection doesn't have the best of plots, BUT there is ample Captain "Hawk"/James Malory thrown in. Though James, the black sheep, had been introduced in the previous two books as the daring uncle who knows the seedier side of life and walks comfortably with danger, as the hero in his own story, James is playful and contradictory. He keeps his dangerous side rather hidden, even though he has the reputation of killing without a blink of warning or qualm.

James uses his wiles and playful prodding to capture the little American brunette, Georgina Anderson, who makes being captured stupidly easy as she recklessly ventures off disguised as a cabin boy on James' ship.

This read captures James' sharp, but mostly dry and derisive wit. His Georgina, or his George, tries to keep up with him, admirably, but she just comes up short, and James loves her for it anyway.

James Malory is by far the character Lindsey seemed to have a love affair with as he pops up most of the Malory novels, as the go-to uncle for crisis, for mayhem and for special kinds of justices. Evermore, he is presented as a sort of Regency Iron-Man of many vices or the dark, unlikely hero that has as much appeal as aloofness.

I love this character and felt his presence as added benefit in the other novels. Though his own story doesn't come close to being as entertaining as he is himself, I enjoyed Gentle Rogue anyway.