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Fire Inside (Chaos, #2) - Kristen Ashley 2.75 stars

Hop was...well...I just couldn't picture him. I've been pretty critical of the Chaos series, but with Shy, in the first book, I got a fleeting picture of his features and hawt "looks" then his words and backstory, and that was enough to imagine him in my head. Hop? Nope...didn't get there.

Admittedly, KA doesn't give explicit descriptions of all her alpha heroes, but with some, they're written vividly enough (like Joe and Tack---Tate! or Ty!) However, there are a few of them like Raid, Colt, Layne...Hop, whose picture just eluded my imagination.

This is not the case with Lanie, though. I think Lanie is in the more described category of the KA heroines, and there are several who have gotten the "more detail" treatment. Except, I couldn't really get with Lanie's thought processes when initiating arguments with Hop.

Anyway, I read this one, and it was warming at times. Yet it seemed like KA was just going through the motions. I guess some characters she puts more love into than others.

Tack behaved like the Tack I love, but Tyra did a gossipy thing with Elvira that I thought was totally against character, and it just put me off. I see why the ploy was added, but maybe KA should have used a different character as an inadvertent catalyst to conflict between Hop and Lanie.

Furthermore, using the "I don't want Tack and Tyra to find out" excuse to run a secret relationship was moot. Didn't really hold much weight or make sense, despite the final heartfelt reason that was revealed by Lanie.

But I feel as if I am bashing, so I'll end by saying I still like the potential I see in this series. I think the threat to the club's territory and the inclination of Rush to go against his father both pose as a possibly solid conflict and could result in KA putting "more love" into the future characters and stories of Chaos.