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I love politics & I am a bit of a history buff. I have a weakness for romance & that includes erotic smut! I'm a serious reviewer, but I can read almost anything. A new genre or a deft writer can make a story sing.

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Einstein? Ptolemy? Stephen Hawking? Blaise Pascal? Quantum Physics? Exponents? Druid? Templars? Magic?

There could be something said for audiobooks, butKiss of the Highlander tickled my nerdy senses, my metaphysical senses, and my highlander senses!

Though I'd tried KMM in the 1st book of the Fever Series,[b:Darkfever|112750|Darkfever (Fever, #1)|Karen Marie Moning|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1320533920s/112750.jpg|108558],five years ago, a book which I got for free as part of a promotion, I was only a little interested in MacKayla Lane's story, so I ended up not finishing the book. Now I want to!

Why? Because I know KMM is a good writer and I like to do good writing justice by reading it. Also, Kiss of the Highlander has renewed my interest in KMM.

This is one of the times when both the H/H, Gwen & Drustan (nice hero name), were awesome & funny, the setting was catching, the secondary characters were a joy, and the satisfaction was lovely. All that, together, doesn't happen often when I'm reading romance fiction, especially about time travel. I found myself reading along, rolling my eyes, in a good way, at their antics and situation. And I was so entertained that I didn't mind the author leaving a few inconsistencies with character, especially that of Gwen, who is supposed to be a genius.

In addition, elements such as humor, allusion, magic, and dialogue just worked. KMM is definitely talented.

I'll end with saying that the chemistry between Gwen & Drustan stole the show every time. Drustan(helped by the voice on the audio, I'm sure)brought out the 16th century dialect or words, including terms like "tup", while Gwen brought out her 21st century expressions like "bonehead"! They tussled with words as much as they did each other, in very gratifying ways.

I'd read a review that rebuked KMM's construction of dialect, saying dropping words such as "doona", "tup" and expressions like "By Amergin" failed to be authentic. I wouldn't know what was really authentic in 16th century Scotland, but the audiobook & written language was enough to depict a distinct difference between the times, and that was sufficient enough to follow the mood of the story, which is humorous and fantastical.

Anyway, I'll leave off with one of my favorite dialogue exchanges:

Drustan: “Is that what you want? You want me to tup you?” he demanded roughly.

Gwen: “If that’s the only way I can get you to hold still long enough to listen to me,” she snapped.

Drustan: “Were I to tup you, lass, you wouldna be speakin’, for your mouth would be busy with other things, and I, of a certain, wouldna be listenin’."