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Darnit! I liked this one.

Here's the skinny:
a one night stand turns into a one weekend stand which turns into a one month stand and.....

wait for it...

then it turns into a forever-stand.

Here's my response:
Though it sounds like there is some "cat and mouse", indecision and shenanigans, the main couple, Savannah and Luke, lustily and congenially agree to keep on seeing each other without too much of the unnecessarily added dramatic streams of unconscious that involves: fighting the feeling or the other man/woman.

This is a good thing because the beautifully beta hero, Luke, carries enough drama in the form of his backstory. It is enough so that it tidily provides a central conflict and a some semi-colored secondary characters to move the story right along.

It turns out that Savannah is more of the alpha in this piece because as the heroine, she certainly saves the day more than once. She appears to be the typical NA female protagonist, lives up to her namesake and becomes a symbol of "savoir" to her man Luke. And Trust me, she does so endearingly. In addition, she gives him hot sex, a safe haven, support when needed. I know, this Savannah sounds like da bomb!, but the good part is that she's IS! The girl can dirty talk (a little) and she is not a virgin(and this was refreshing). She's woman enough to assertively get what she wants and needs.

The one who kind of wimped out and played that old "woe is me" BS card was none other than Luke. He didn't think he was good enough, that he deserved happiness. He felt that he had to put obligation over love. Yet, to grant Luke a little bit of a pardon, he had a sh*tty situation to deal with. However, how he dealt with it, sort of emasculated him. Why he dealt with it was understandable, but not so tolerable at times (if that makes any sense). And to make matters even more sappy, I admit sometimes feeling like I was reading a female character through Luke's PoV. I know, it is near sacrilege to say that about any hero if said hero is to be a contender for hot book boyfriend (lol).

Luckily, Luke stayed in the ring and survived without getting his dick membership revoked because he exhibited stamina(oh yes he did) and showed himself to be an awesome protector. Lastly, he ended up looking like the guy who was not afraid to appear vulnerable, admitting that he needed his woman to save him (Awwwghh!).

In all, I SHOULDN'T give this one 4 stars based on some WTF? moments with Luke's situation and some of the misfires in plot resolution as well as character development. But, I WANT TO give it 4 stars due to it's refreshing use of voice via the two alternating PoVs of Luke and Savannah in the 1st person. Similarly, I WANT to give it 4 stars because the readability and humor that flowed through the story made it light and fun at times. Will I give it 4 stars? No. The needed character development and better plot resolution wins out. However, this doesn't stop me from recommending this one as a quick & slightly interesting NA read.

Happy Reading!