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"After tonight, you’ll never see me again."
“Once I find you, you’re mine. There’s no running from me.”
This seems to be the mantra repeated. Throughout this the book, several males are put in the path of their mates, or...their destinies.

Particularly, to understand the love between Trey, a shifter, and Sadie, a vampire, the reader has to read book 1 and book 2 of this series. Really. This is because this book immediately starts with Sadie in trouble, which produces a rather interesting outlook of the book's would be villain, before Trey comes in to save her.

After this initial wollop of a scene, the couple leads off from their encounters in the previous books. Things said between them have history that isn't rehashed, so if the reader doesn't know, it could be a little vague and confusing. Onward, the couple has a few minor inner monologue tiffs about "who doesn't want who,""who desires who," and whether this mating is a "go." Just for the record, it's a go! Sadie and Trey go at each other and this is made more erotic, in my opinion, because Sadie has to feed from her mate. This element combined with Sadie's magic, and her warrior princess-like readiness, makes her appear more alpha than Trey in this relationship.

Trey is alpha by default due to Diskant's relinquishment of the role and his priorities as Omega. Trey is also alpha of a pack who has just recently lost a quarter of members from discordance and apathy. This disadvantage is made worse by not only his mating a vampire, but his beta also mating one as well. This is not good for pack politics, but who cares about that when there a bigger threats?

First, Diskant's mate Ava has a missing brother who holds a relic, the zephyr, which is passed down by family and is said to have the power to END things. Newsflash: Sadie's coven, a master vampire mage and others want this zephyr thingie in order to gain this ultimate power.Second, Sadie can see the bad future or some such and she relays this info to Diskant et.al. This produces a frenzy, added on is a crazy person who is also Trey's Beta's mate who is a target because she can help locate the zephyr. However, keeping her under wraps proves tedious and tiresome.Third, in order to to succeed, Team Diskant & Half-Wolfpack need the help of Kinsley, a mysterious centuries old Were-Panther. Kinsley's help will mobilize other shifters to the cause.
Now this is all well and good. It's PNR at its best: intricate conflict, an abundance of magical supernaturals in the mix, and the threat of world disaster. Yet, what is NOT all good is the delaying of resolution and the additional focus on four more potential subplots, the author's way of continuing the series and making the reader anticipate the fate of four other men. So,we get the point of views of Nathan, Cade, Kinsley and Zach--four males in strife about either love or revenge.

Main couple? Who?
There were so many names in my head by a certain point that it's a wonder I remembered "Trey" & "Sadie". Even Trey didn't know Sadie's last name until 58% of the story. Incidentally, I don't recall Trey's last name right now.(crossing eyes)
Do you wonder how Sadie and Trey's love, their relationship growth and their chemistry held up amidst all that drama? description
I'd tell ya, but I really don't have much to go by. Trey is left helpless a couple of times because he had to "feed" his mate in battle. Yet, the two are not given time to address that issue. Furthermore, there are telltale limitations as well as epiphanies of their "type" of mating, which aren't given enough emphasis, IMO.

Thank goodness for the few sexy scenes where Sadie came off as a confident mate willing to please her alpha-cough-but beautifully beta Trey. LOL. Other than those tiny scorchers, which were peppered with one or the other mate thinking "you complete me" & "I'll take this happiness for now", I was left wondering how these two would actually do as a couple without the interruptions. Fortunately, we get a cute scene where Sadie has to face the pack on a second try and she has an endearing exchange with one of the children. It's the only treat thrown to us as a glimpse of how she could actually fair within the pack as they gradually accepted her.

And....just like that, with another snap of the fingers, at 91% we are given YET ANOTHER storyline. Remember the would be villain? Well, he is not all he seems (as any deft reader could predict from the start). This guy's(& his mate's) PoV pushes into the mix and it is kind of ...well...HAWTT, if a bit much, at this point. I got singed more from his story than I did from the snippets of Trey & Sadie. Sad to say, but true.

In all
I don't quite know where Aline Hunter is trying to go with this series, but she has definitely shown many possible directions.