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Okay, so I don't know how someone who was raped repeatedly (whose mom didn't find out until you violently miscarried and the doc pronounced that what should have been virginal was actually violated and scarred) should act. I can't empathize the anal rape of a boy and its effect on the man. I am not an expert, but I have personal experience with abuse. The abused all come out different, react differently and are affected, differently. That said, what cajones of this author to deal with such issues.

Eva Trammell is an extremely jealous woman who has abuse issues and finds herself deeply, sexually attracted to Gideon Cross in an elemental and, purely, raw way. It's the same with Cross, who drops the gauntlet, spearing Eva with the "I want to F**K your brains out" line. Of course, Eva must fight this, as this kind of behavior is borderline the same behavior of the tormentor from the past, who abused her. But homegirl doesn't hold out long, and soon Eva and Cross are going at it.

But wait, not to forget that in some way (which, annoyingly, is never revealed) Gideon is as much a survivor of raw abuse as Eva, and his trauma affects him in his sleep, which makes it dangerous for Eva to sleep with him. Enough issues for you yet?

How about this? These two are convinced they love each other, but the minute Eva gets deeper into Cross's life, his past affairs and his society, she runs or breaks down at the first sign of trouble. And every time this happens, there's the chase, except the one time when we get the sense that Gideon Cross has something hidden that makes him too ashamed of himself to keep his pursuit.

Further, add in secondary characters of a similarly traumatized gay best friend who takes out his frustrations in orgies, the techy, stalker mom and her filthy rich I-know-everything husband.

There's more, and there's not. The story ends with no resolution or epiphanies(I wanted...something). Going to therapy is mentioned but never highlighted. It is just Eva and her equally-issued paramour still hanging on to each other, survivors of mental destruction.

2 1/2- stars for the mess that is the characters' lives
Minus 1/2- star for reminding me entirely too much of Fifty Shades of Grey, and inducing me to scan thru some parts.
Minus 1/2 star for starting towards "something" and not FINISHING. Hence, therapy, decision-making and some much needed interventions!
Potential headnod for the possible redemption in character development and plot direction (that could be taken just from the abuse and reparation aspect alone).Maybe not LOL