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I love politics & I am a bit of a history buff. I have a weakness for romance & that includes erotic smut! I'm a serious reviewer, but I can read almost anything. A new genre or a deft writer can make a story sing.

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Wicked Ties - Shayla Black 2.5 stars
Only one thing could stop me from liking Jack Cole and that is his petty attempt to get back at Brandon Ross, a good guy, as it turns out, (who is Jack almost stupidly seeks vengeance from) but hell...that is the main plot of the book, and though already a flimsy premise, it is weakened by a subplot of a stalker being after the heroine/damsel in distress, Morgan, and another subplot that just screams that this story is doing way too much.

Guessing the stalker was somewhat easy when narrowed down to three of Morgan's past lovers, and then the secondary subplot that isn't fully developed squeezes in: Morgan is a Talk Show Host, of "Turn Me On", and (though she ineffectively conducts a full interview with Jack's alias, Master J(Dom) though she supposedly makes much to do about raising questions about the world of eroticism and kinkiness. So the plot goes on.

It isn't very believable that this heroine is audacious enough to be a talk show host(aka: serious, investigative reporter/researcher) because she abandons her goal quite handily when faced with Jack Cole, and of course having to be protected from a stalker doesn't help. Already, this plot is incongruously thickened by tangents, which makes the saying "less is more" a very, very good piece of advice.

Why do I say that? Well, Morgan is also an unwanted 1/2 sister of a Senator, who is on the path to the White House. This could have helped for a deeper look into Morgan as a character, BUT Noooo, this tidbit serves to tie her to her 1/2 brother Brandon Ross, hence equals full circle/ulterior motive and the reason for her introduction to Jack. [and I AM dizzy from it!]

Enter Jack Cole, who the author spends the rest of the novel focusing on---he is the "chere" talking Cajun badboy with chocolate eyes, and he has a grandpere who encourages him to believe in his Louisiana mojo roots(this is also given some word time). Furthermore, the mystique of the backwater swamp tries to be another character(which shouldn't be romantic, but can be...)[What is this?...like three plots crashing together? [Can we say DIZZIER?] I wanted a focus.

One link to Morgan's investigative forage into Jack is the relationship that unfolds between them evokes the question: Does fulfilling one's fantasies/desires lead to making one whole? Awwwwwww-my heart goes pitter pat. And this whole D/s world is interesting b/c desires are based in acts considered taboo, and that begs to measure what is too taboo or goes too far when real-life relationships are at stake.

Anyway, it gets 2 stars from me, for effort, and 1/2 star for the extremely hot menage, which is easily the best sex scene. Too bad it is deflated by the hero declaring his love for the first time, which is SO played (yughhh!!!...hated that), and the heroine lets a tear slip and says it back, because he has given her the ultimate sacrifice, letting do the dirty with another man. (NOT!). I just wasn't impressed, okay.

This is one downside to writing reviews. I know to read for enjoyment but reviewing makes me take a closer look and I get cynical. LOL